About Us

We are a Canadian-based studio operated by four siblings who are dedicated to creating beautiful and stylish designs for your furiends. All of our collars and bow ties designs are proudly designed in-house.  

Growing up we have always been around art, be it fashion or the cartoons we’d watch religiously on Saturday mornings. All of us were born with the love for animals; cats, dogs, fishes, iguanas, chickens... You name it, we had it! We just want what’s best for our pets, both nutritionally and physically.

Oh Happy Tails is a collection of collars for pets that gets its inspiration from our furiends: Dutchie, Muffin and Toby; from their playful nature, picky appetites, to their mischievous personalities.

Bright colours, playful prints, and sophisticated design are the hallmark of Oh Happy Tails.